The Stir

Hello dear family and friends,


I just wanted to send out a quick update about the exciting yet ever surprising journey the Lord has been taking me on! It has been a little over a year since I did my dts in Hawaii. I can not believe how fast the time has gone! I am so thankful and blessed for that opportunity and experience. Although it was hard and stretching experience, the Lord used it to radically change my life! My dts was a deep time of personal reflection and greater intimacy. He revealed His true nature and the reality of His Word and Truth. It was in Kona where He met me, broke down all walls and completely freed me from all oppression and diseases! I went home a radically transformed woman!


After my dts (discipleship training school) in Kona Hawaii I went home for a couple of weeks. During that time the Lord continued to reveal to me more of His heart and pursuit of Southern California (specifically universities and women) Hollywood and community. He soon opened opportunities to move back down to orange county/Los angeles area to what I thought was to go back to school at Biola. Little did I know that He had drastically different plans. He continued to open doors in California: a job at coffee bean, an internship in Hollywood, a church family and even friends from YWAM. He has been so faithful and good to me, providing me with everything I need and more! He has continually poured out blessings and filled me with of hope. I can not lie in saying that it has been an easy journey. It has honestly been one of the most difficult seasons I have experienced. But it is in those difficulties that I have grown the most, constantly having to choose to rely on the Lord for my strength and identity.


Recently the Lord has been paving a different path. About two weeks ago I did the school of Circuit Riders in L.A. I have been waiting in anticipation and excitement for this school for about a year now. Before going I thought I had everything planned out for afterwards. I was going to go to Biola University and be involved in leadership while continuing to work at coffee bean and live in a house. Why I plan things, I don’t know, I am now learning that whatever I plan out the Lord will probably end up change somewhere down the line! He is full of unending surprises! Anyways the Lord completely encountered me in L.A. He continued to reveal Himself to me . He destroyed all misconceptions and idols I had been holding onto. I previously struggled with the belief that I was called to specific thing, more or less finding my identity in those callings. I thought that I was anchored down to a specific path that if I walked off of I would instantly become a failure and disappointment to God and the people around me. The broke of that lie and spoke truth to me. I realize now that my calling is not the things around me, but my dad and best friend. He is truly all that matters and through greater intimacy and friendship He walks with me amongst the earth revealing His heart for the lost. This truth created an urgency and hunger for more of Him. A greater desire to become holy and complete in Him! It was if He released me from any previous commitments or ideas of how my life was suppose to look. He then challenged me to walk out in the new revelation He had revealed to me.  He presented an option to me, one that of total abandonment and complete trust and faith in Him. I came home during those two weeks to pray and ask the Lord what to do. But He answered in asking what I wanted to do and where I want to fall more deeply in love with Him.  I decided to take the path that was unfamiliar to me. With His confirmation and peace I made the turn onto that path, dropping out of school quitting my job and moving out of the house I lived in. At first I was at total peace in doing so, but as the time and reality has crept up on me I have been having to fight off all doubt and hopelessness. He has been challenging me to wait in blind obedience, waiting for the next step to be revealed. Not even two weeks later He presented an amazing opportunity to go to Kansas City(IHOP) to be apart of another Circuit Riders school. I am now just waiting on His provision and providence in order to go. I believe that if that is where He wants me to go He will provide, if not I know He will continue to open more doors and opportunities! Thank you for your prayers and support I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and community!


I am in the process of starting a blog now where I will go more in depth of my journey!


Jeremiah 29:11-14a


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart I will be found by you, declares the Lord.”


I just want to encourage you all to ask the Lord to reveal more of Himself to you. It takes a willing heart and an seeking son/daughter. May He encounter you more and refresh you with a greater passion and desire to know Him and walk in what He has called all of us to: the simple gospel. He said greater things will WE (His sons and daughters) do.


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