Faithful till the end. A song of the true character of God. He is faithful to our every desire and dream! One of the Father’s greatest joys is for His children to understand He is faithful to his promises; something He has been continually showing me lately. It is so easy to “forget” or choose to push aside dreams and desires because of a lack of faith or belief that they could come true. I believe that the Lord gives everyone dreams as children, but because they seem so radical they are crushed by a dream killer. Who wants to be the dream killer?

When I was eight years old the Lord cultivated a dream in my heart to come to Southern California. The first time I ever stepped foot on SoCal ground, I instantly knew it was my home. A week in California was a week in paradise for me. He filled me with dreams of living in SoCal, attending a college and being surrounded by family. I continued to cling onto that dream throughout my time growing up. Finally, after 10 years of waiting, I got the chance to move to California and attend Biola University. After a semester there the Lord told me to go to YWAM Kona to do a DTS (discipleship training school). At first I was torn and dismayed with unbelief and confusion, and it was at that point that I gave up on my childhood dreams. The Lord revealed to me that I needed to seek Him and truly know Him before I was to be released back to SoCal. I left California believing that the Lord was so much better than any location, ministry, education or dream. While on my DTS outreach to Fiji, He began to resurface my dreams of California. He gave me a burden for college campuses and women in search of the identity and worth. In January I moved back down to California with the mindset that I was going to go back to attend Biola as a student while working a part-time job. For 6 months I attended online classes while working at Coffee Bean and lived in an apartment with two other girls from Biola. Those 6  months were some of the most stretching times as I spent much time on my face before the Lord seeking His heart and desire. It was also during that time  that He opened my eyes to see the pain and hurt that He sees in each of His children. The children that He is calling home. The children that don’t know the reality of His love and passion that He has for them. There were days where all I could do was cry, not knowing exactly what was going on. He was building up a heart and burden for intercession deep inside of me. He was showing me the urgency and need to reach the lost souls, for each one of His beloved children to know the love of their Father. The sacrifice that He made for every single one of them. On that cross He died with each of our faces and names engraved in His mind. His love is real and he wants every heart to be encountered by His love!

 In July I got to be apart of LA Circuit Riders, a two week training school that is connected with YWAM. This past summer Circuit Riders led 5 different schools around the world: London, Kansas City, Orlando FL, Denver CO, and LA. The purpose of the school is to train people up to preach and live out the simple gospel. It wakes up the reality of the need and calling on our lives as forerunners and pioneers; to save the lost in a posture of being the foundation for the next generation. During those weeks, the Lord stirred my heart for the lost and revealed His greater plan for me. He released me from all commitments at Biola, calling me to join the Circuit Rider community. At the time I didn’t know what my involvement with Circuit Riders would look like, yet after a month of waiting and praying He opened up doors for me live in a community house in Newport Beach. In August I moved to Newport, partnering with an incredible family to pioneer community housing. As a house we are running alongside another house planted in Huntington Beach. Together we have begun organizing music events on college campuses that proclaim the truth and reality of the Lord’s love. This past week was the first event, dubbed EncounterNow Launchfest, which was held on USC campus. As hundreds gathered to see different musicians sing about Jesus’ love, it was just a glimpse of how quickly the Lord is moving in Southern California. During the finale night, 150+ people were encountered and saved after hearing the simple gospel. That is, 150 more sons and daughters that have come home to their Father!

The Lord has been so faithful to me! This season has been a season of Him revealing and stirring up a greater passion and hunger for the dreams I had as an eight year old girl. He has called forth His dream in me, the calling over my life and has thrown me headfirst into my destiny: the song of revival, intimacy and freedom.


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