About Me

    Hey my name is Danielle.  I am a young woman after the Father heart of God. My dad who has transformed my life, healed me from all sickness and oppression. He has set me free and has called me to set His lost lovers free, releasing them into their identity and calling in Christ!

I grew up in a Christian home but wasn’t awakened to the reality of my Fathers love until this past year. In July of 2011 I flew to Kona Hawaii to do my dts (discipleship training school). It was during those 6 months that the Lord reawakened my dreams, visions and passions. I fell completely in love with Christ, fully surrendering every plan, agenda and entitlement. His faithfulness blew me away and still continues to on a daily basis! He is so faithful to every need and desire of my heart. This year has been a crazy journey, a wild ride. Through the jungles of Fiji to the fashion industry in Hollywood and now to a community house in Newport Beach. When I was 8 years old the Lord imparted a passion and vision in my heart, one that He has recently reawakened. A passion for California, college campuses, woman, family and community. I want people to know and encounter the true love of Christ.  I want to see the media and Hollywood display true beauty, glorifying God as well as encouraging woman and men. Families redeemed and healed creating and living out the kingdom culture. Communities working together living out the simple gospel. Revival is reality, there is no room for religion!


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